Let’s get lost.

May my trails be crooked, winding and wild. May they lead to the most amazing view. May they rise into and above the clouds.

Where is my princess?

From Lyon, the journey went on to Montpellier, where Tanguy, a smart frenchman, whom I have met in Madrid, and his family have very, very cordially received us. The weather in Montpellier was unfortunately rainy, but our machines were protected and safe – so far and thereafter we only had bright sunshine, although we could always in front and behind us observe downpours on the horizon. Pretty lucky! In Montpellier they told us stories about a town in a fortress, which is located in the direction to spain. So we moved on – to Carcassonne. The castle-town actually looks like new! We found everything heart of knights fight for, even ATMs.

First Miles

The first 1000 miles done! It is wonderful to be on the go. From Munich to Lake Constance and the Swiss border along to France and from there to the south. Now we are close to Lyon. The Twins purr without problems. I’m happy!

Exposed Twin

I dismantled my machine completely. After I have sweated blood and water to get  some 23 years old screws and plug connections, which seemed almost impossible to loosen up without the entrainment of small japanese hands, I finally found the source of error. A broken CDI unit that has just passed away after 57.000 miles – statistically, they wander at miles counter 55.000 over the Jordan, because the bench presses on the contacts .. for sure honda has purposely designed it that way to top up their pocket money! I tried the companion twin CDI – they started – purred like a kitten – ordered new! YES, YES, YES! I also renewed the spark plugs, changed brake pads, oil and air filter plus i installed a vehicle socket for comfort. Sitting on his self repaired horse is fodder for the soul.

My Bully

My Africa Twin XRV 650, known for their Paris-Dakar victories many years ago, will be my companion and hopefully never let me down.