After a day of glacier sunbathing we didn’t want to see snow any more already. So we sattled our horses and went dizzy mountain roads downhill towards Spain. At the first break, my companion Hias broke the key of his case because he wanted too greedy and lustful to the insides . Shit happens ! Since all his belongings for his survival are in this suitcases and he only had this one key, we were close to start howling. „Never mind „, was the second thought, let’s ride a bit first! Out of nowhere came suddenly a repair shop where the key was pulled out of the lock and a route planned for us to the local locksmith who opened his shop just for us – completely in spanish and key included for 3Euro! Thereafter we headed for Barcelona. 100miles mountain road – no gas stations, no civilization, no oncoming traffic, purest nature. A dream – a paradise for motorcyclists.

In icy peaks

Then something rather unexpected happened. Carcassonne to Andorra. The country Andorra is located between France and Spain and is „Tax-Free Zone.“ On the map 150 miles far away from Carcassonne. Good to reach, did i tell myself around 5pm. That the Pyrenees are between, no .. rather, that Andorra is located on the peaks of the Pyrenees in 8200 feet of altitude, did we only notice at 10pm, when we arrived totally exhausted at the perceived North Pole. The last 1600 feet i was also non-stop threatened by the red light with the label „fuel“. But it turned out to be great on the next day, since the gasoline in Andorra only costs 1,20 Euro. And the hotel in Andorra for 18 Euro felt also like an oasis of well-being. Finally we prepared here in icy heights a YumYum soup on the cooker before bedtime – delicious! This morning our odyssey was rewarded with this bombastic view.