Loose Gravel

You got to be willing to walk into a storm. Go hard in life. Go after it. If you crash and burn, you learned. And if it works out… you’ll have the greatest adventure of your life.


It’s an everlasting exchange of being homesick and restless and that I wanna pack my seven things and start going into new adventures. After travelling a lot I wanna go back where my roots are, I miss the fresh air, mountains and rivers, the silence in nature. I miss the darkness in nights, the fog in early mornings dawn, I miss going to swim in hidden forest lakes and miss to ride bicycle with headphones through the night while being drunk and careless. And after a while, when my mind feels fresh and clarified I wanna travel and spend time in harsh and new environment that gives me totally different visions of life and experiences.

A hidden paradise

It’s been a while since i shared some travel stories on my blog. But after my creative interlude i want to welcome you with a video, i took recently in siargao. This beautiful, small island is located in the eastern part of the philippines. My close friends probably know already about my plan, setting up a kitesurf resort together with my brothers. Finding the right spot to get started turned out to be more difficult as expected. Together with one of my brothers and two of our filipino friends, who are familiar there, we checked out that fascinating piece on earth..


Unfortunately there are lots of downsides in Manila too, above all prostitution. The metropolis is a melting pot for sex tourists and sugar daddies. Suppressing the fact what losers they actually are at home, they spoil here as molochbarons innocent, desperate filipinas their human dignity, in order to brag about the obnoxiousness to their probably similar messed environment. Left behind are disillusioned facades. These unprincipled, bloated, self-regarding, mangy sacks, who shamelessly and wantonly with their disembodied, soulless purchases squeese through the of poverty flooded roads and draw on a third world country as it would be an Eat-all-you-can buffet!

No Freedom until we are equal, damn right i support it.

The way to happiness

Satisfaction is measured solely on the threshold of dissatisfaction that everybody has to set for himself. I can only say, living is way more cloudless if you set your breaking point low. I do not mean that one should swallow everything what is laid in front of your paws, but to pay attention to the details and embellish it worth living.

Alone in the dark

Meanwhile it was three AM in the night, in every dark back alley i felt exposed to eyes, I felt everywhere lurking shadows in the darkness, I cutted across country on a platter. We made ​​it to a safe, police guarded park, spent the rest of the night there and went at the next morning to the province of Cavite to Lyn’s mother and the rest of her family. Despite major language barriers and minimal standard of living I was welcomed there like the prodigal son.

Stunning moments

At midnight I was jerked from sleep by loud banging, the drunken father stood with drawn revolver in the doorway and forced me to leave. Through the fact that I slept in a room with his daughter before marriage (banned by Iglesia ni Cristo) i defiled the honor of his family. Oddly, he only noticed that in a drunken stupor. If I have to leave, she also leaves, said Lyn, put herself between me and the gun and decided despite the threats of her father to be shunned by her family and not being able to come back to leave the apartment with me. Silently, she took my hand and pulled me out into the night. Admirable, selfless loyalty, as I only know it from the Philippines. Thank you a lot!

Iglesia ni Christo

Finally i was persuaded into joining a celebration of the religious sect „Iglesia ni Christo“. Banned cameras, fastidious seating, prescribed unit clothing, signed donation cans and the separation between the sexes are just a few of the features that are required by the Church of Christ in order to pass the doorman. What started with a strange feeling swept quickly through the screams of the pastor quickly into oppressive unease. The howling sect clientele around me didn’t make it any better, so I looked around for escape exits, since I already imagined sacrificial rites, which would probably hit the only foreigner in their midst. Nothing like that happened and I left the club of course unscathed, however, I was stopped in front of the exit gate to the great freedom of a bunch of subpastors and submitted a brief survey regarding my accompany before they returned my stored things like identity card and camera bag.


…we lost ourselves and walked through parks where indescribable fireworks took my breath away, strolled over promenades along the sea, in a nutshell.. i’ve seen beside the whole poverty, violence and injustice that makes Manila one of the most dangerous cities, points of light where joy and community bloom.

Taken along

In the following days I was dragged into many corners of Manila. We got lost on markets where you can purchase everything from sunglasses to watches and fake electrical appliances and clothes to cut-rate prices, we were enchanted in fairgrounds, tried the coin-tossing, we strolled through gigantic shopping malls and fast food avenues ..