Taken along

In the following days I was dragged into many corners of Manila. We got lost on markets where you can purchase everything from sunglasses to watches and fake electrical appliances and clothes to cut-rate prices, we were enchanted in fairgrounds, tried the coin-tossing, we strolled through gigantic shopping malls and fast food avenues ..

What.. marriage?

Once arrived there, the father was already waiting to receive me. It turned out quickly that he wanted a conversion of my faith so that I could marry his daughter as soon as possible. He was visibly disappointed when I told him that it’s not so urgent for me.

Let’s get lost

As we left the car, I was, dragging my bags behind me, guided through busy streets until we finally reached her apartment. Everybody personally knows each other here, these „remote areas“ are inhabited by the poorer classes, what let me stand out even more in my pack mule lining.

Dare to explore

I joined fully loaded with camera gear, kites, laptop, underpants and my other essentials the still unknown lady into the car. I have to admit that I initially had reservations about whether we really go to her apartment. Through the window of the car I could see as we drove further and further into skid row in which I probably would not have come without accompaniment.

Arrival in Manila

Indeed limitless anticipation.. my second trip to Asia to the Philippines! When I arrived in early December on the island paradise I was greeted by a nice internet acquaintance at the airport. I wanted to explore the capital, not as a tourist, but as Manila seemed too dangerous alone, I liked the idea of ​​having a local guide through the heart of the city.

South America

Admittedly with empty pockets but healthy and full of new experiences I leave Brazil after 4 months stay. It was great! This country is huge and offers plenty of great stories. But for now i go to the other side of the world – Philippines, i’am coming home.

When it rains it pours

I left the cozy home and headed south to Tibau du Sol. My accomodation made ​​a beautiful and safe impression here. However, to my misfortune. In Brazil you must not be tempted by the looks. A week later my laptop was already in the hands of thieves. And with it about 2500 photos. It’s pathetic! And now my camera necessarily wanted to learn how to swim in Brazil, was deeply disappointed and doesn’t want to make any more pictures since then.

Football magicians

One can say a lot of stuff about the Brazilians – but playing football – they do it like little gods. Therefore, there is day and night on the football field the opportunity to prove his skills. Honestly – around the clock. The later and cooler, the fuller is the field.

Let’s change anything!

Unfortunately, in Taiba is not a single Brazilian who knows how to speak a word in english. Here it is – language learning in the chord. Agora eo posso fallar portugaise muito bom! But to understand the announcements in public citizens elections, it was still not enough then. Regardless of age everyone wants to be a part of the election through which new breath is blown in their village. Maybe it was just about what the highly coveted Caipirinha will cost in the future, unfortunately I didn’t understand anything at all.


And once again I ended up in one on mother’s earth great playgrounds. From my bed to the sea, it is only 25 small steps through the sand. Barefooted. One of those moments that captivate your body to the ground to provide your mind a maximum of flexibility until the touch of supernatural harmony catches you up and banishes your rigid in order to give you the feeling of indomitability. In front of me reach from the left to the right majestic looking, pristine sand dunes where the atlantic waves prostrate themselves over for miles.