Streaming in Spain

Assigned in Spain. Producing live streams. Fifalicious. Leogang to Marbella. Hogmemorable. I really have a good time being part of a great team. Special thanks to Hogmore and Livemotion.


Back in Algeciras, Hias and I took seperated ways, because our wallets are filled differently. I didn’t take the highway to save the expensive tolls and had my breaks at couch surfers and friends. My stops were in Alicante, Barcelona, Montpellier, Lyon and Freiburg. My tactics to send a couch request in a McDonald Free Wifi somewhere, taking the rest of the day’s stage and then again use wifi to check for the answers and get luckily a place to sleep for the night were surprisingly good. Thanks to all the couch surfers, who offered me a warm place to sleep! The only problem was actually the cold. It was really so bitter, bitter cold on the bike. I invented all possible positions in order to not fall as icy block off the machine. The method that came out on top, was to leave the left hand between the lower and upper thigh and wrap the right hand in layers. At the bottom of the hierarchy was the plastic bag, then the 3.99,-  gas station „Flauschi“, surrounded by a thin one that I brought properly to tinker, followed by my motorcycle glove. Last but not least i pulled over all those my „grippy“ – a rubber glove – that i usually used for greasing the chain. But it turned out that it somehow triggered a reaction which made my hand freeze in even less time – or maybe it just strangled my blood. I can’t tell exactly, but my hands where purple blue in every case. This worked well, though I had to leave the road all 20 miles and lay my hands on the engine to get some feeling back in my fingers, but at least I made ​​progress. Matters where complicated further by the fact that snowy, drizzly adverse wind covered my visor and compelled me constantly to wipe away the ice. So that’s how I drove the last stages – one-handed, shivering and visorwiping – did i arrive after 8 147 miles in Munich.

Hello Africa

The boat trip to Ceuta was quite swaying, but we arrived without nausea healthy at the port and are finally in AFRICA! However, Ceuta still belongs to the Spanish mainland, so it was easy for us to leave without further control from the port. Ceuta is duty-free zone, but since we want to go to Morocco, it’s not worthwhile for us. So we drove around the peninsula, had a splendid view on the harbor and city. Thereafter we searched for a place to sleep before we are going to ride to Morocco tomorrow.

Jonas in the whale’s belly

Setting my twin and me on the Balaria, that was the name of the ferry, to ship to the next continent, was fairly structured. In Algeciras itself you will piloted on the highway of unmistakable signs saying „Puerto“ and „Ceuta“ or “ Tangier“. Beside the road is plastered with ticket shops that are open 24/7 and the ferry to Ceuta sets off once per hour. After purchasing a ticket, you cross a bridge to an island in the bay of Gibraltar, where over hundreds of meters away stack goods and cargo boxes that are transported via the sea way. After you passed them, you will be flooded on all sides by local ticket sellers, however, they send you further competent and fast, if you show no interest. Thereafter you have to overcome a few serpentine curves up to the ticket, you need to present your pass and then you can finally on the ferry. Drive in – moped gets strapped – watergate closed.

The last bastion

The most southern point in europe of our stage is now reached. Arrived in Algeciras, we stayed three days at a campsite where all this what we drove 2000 miles like carried by angels in the eye of the storm away was poured out hurricane-like over our warehouse.

..the snow line in the Pyrenees will also drop to 2000 meters . Thus, the first mountain passes should be closed or can be driven only with snow chains. heavy rains.. and strong storms therefore weather warning was proclaimed in 14 Spanish provinces.. on the shores of the country are giant waves expected..

And here, poor fool, i stand once more, just soaking wet as never before. However, I made ​​myself very comfortable in the Pathfinder tent – my living room – I won’t let this wannabe tsunami take the good mood away from me! And of course my twin went well too – she wore her raincoat – so she just got her feet wet. Tomorrow I finally hoist the anchor and leave the safe harbor, let the trade winds shoot into the sails and go for Africa! ومن زاوية حارس بلدي معي

Beachhorse Rudi

I’m currently in southern Spain in a small suburb of Malaga at the sea in my tent and write the next few lines. The trip from Alicante to Malaga was absolutely beautiful. You can drive down the whole southern Spanish coast through many small, Greek -looking towns on the „autovia del mediterraneo“. After I had for breakfast a traditional tortilla, I was finally able to jump into the sea. The weather here is fantastic! Thereafter, I sat like a wet bee at the sea all day and have bathed in sunlight to dry my wings in order to be ready to fly again. I’ve only watched the bustle of the waves and the buzz on the waves. And as I sit there suddenly was the beach horse Rudi, so I named him, behind me and also watched the bustle of the waves and the buzz on the waves. I guess we became friends immediatly because we love the same thing – horsepower.


The city itself was awash in people who rush like on ant trails with a map from one sight to another and buy a lot of superfluous stuff and odds and ends, being cheated by players and magicians or let their money in for no reason in the thieves alley. Today we went over Valencia to the outskirts of Alicante, from where I just write. Everything is fine! I breathe, I live. I love it.


Yesterday we drove into the center of the Catalan capital by bus and looked around there. Pompous of Gaudi, spectacular architecture. „La Sagrada Familia“ is quite impressing – a church that was built over decades already and will still be in progress for years. However, 12,50 € as entrance fee is simply too much. For the same amount I get half a full tank in Andorra! Nevertheless, there is enough other great stuff to visit, such as the Montjuïc, that you can watch for free.