The railways in Thailand are simply good. They carry one pretty fast and cheap across the country. A really small extra charge gets you a seat in a comfortable sleeping wagon where they even supply food to the bed. The trip from Bangkok to the south to Surat Thani is 12 hours through lush rain forests along hundreds of miles of coastline and countless islands. The last stop is the gathering place for travelers over country in order to reach all the tourist spots. Getting lost is impossible anyway in this country. You can find buses, tuck tuks, minivans, jeeps and trains all day and night long. Crowded with backpackers who brood over their „Lonely Planet“ and bother me with their same-sounding, meaningless stories.

Advice: Leave the travel guide at home and put your footsteps beside the beaten tracks.


I wanted to visit Thailand without prejudices and get to know it my way. I arrived together with my younger brother Simon and friend Matthias in the City of Angels. Considering that we neither were aware of if we can enter the country with no return ticket nor had an accommodation booked and not even knew „Thank you“ (Khop Khun khap) in „thai“, everything worked out pretty easy. From the airport we took the Skytrain to downtown and found immediately a cheap hostel. Bangkok’s nightlife is not less lively than during the day and somehow we ended up in one of those spooky ping pong shows. The city is flooded with temples. The probably most famous one is called Wat Arun.

Advice: Tuk tuks in Bangkok are much more expensive than taxis. Even without taxameter.